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Pet vaccinations can protect your pet from some of the most common infectious animal diseases, such as FIE and cat flu in cats, and canine distemper and canine parvovirus in dogs. Many of these conditions are fatal should your pet contract them, and are easily passed from animal to animal. Vaccinations therefore protect not only your pet but other

animals too, through increasing "herd immunity".

Initial vaccinations are done between approximately 8-12 weeks old and then your pet will require an annual booster vaccination.

Are your pet's vaccinations up to date? Don't leave their health to chance - get their booster jabs done.

Keeping your pet safe and well

•  Spaying and neutering

•  Routine dental care

•  Medical and surgical care

•  24-hour emergency call out

Microchipping your pet is a very fast procedure - it only takes seconds - which will bring

you great peace of mind. Once microchipped, should your pet be lost or stolen, it can

quickly be identified. Call us today to find out more about microchipping and to

make an appointment.

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Microchipping your pet

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