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Puppies and kittens can be neutered or spayed from around 6 months old. Is your pet ready? Call today for advice or an appointment.

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With so many heart-breaking cases of unwanted pets in the world, why add to a growing problem? Unless you intend to breed your pet, we always recommend neutering as part of responsible pet ownership. Not only will you avoid having to find homes for puppies or kittens, but you'll also be protecting your pet from potential future breeding-related

illness or problems.

For cats, dogs and other small mammals, neutering is a routine veterinary procedure. Male neutering is very quick and may be done under either local or general anaesthetic. Spaying of females is more complex and requires a general anaesthetic, but your pet should still be

able to go home the same day.

Routine pet neutering explained

Neutering your pet has many benefits:

• Reduced territorial behaviour

• Reduced aggression in males

• Reduced risk of male/female cancers

• No pregnancy complications

• No unwanted litters to re-home!

As well as neutering and spaying, don't forget your pet's vaccinations, worming and flea treatment. Teeth are important too, so bring your pet for a regular dental check-up.

Neutering and responsible pet ownership

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Benefits of neutering

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