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When you have farm animals or livestock, you need a reliable, knowledgeable vet who understands the unique challenges you face. We provide full emergency livestock cover

and we will also visit you for on-site livestock check-ups as required.

We operate a 24-hour call out scheme which ensures that if you have a farm animal in distress,

we will get to you quickly.

Need a livestock vet? Let us help make your life easier.

Expert care for farm animals

and livestock

•  Routine check-ups

•  Flock/herd health planning

•  Nutritional advice

•  Breeding management

As well as being experienced farm vets, we can care for your pets too at our thriving

small animal veterinary practice in Linton.

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call us now:

01223 893720

Experienced farm vets at your service

Emergency care for farm animals

Livestock veterinary services

Not just big animals....small ones too!